Online Education

More college students than ever are turning to the internet for their education and with good reason. For traditional and nontraditional students, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and even more specialized technical training, the internet and online learning offers many new opportunities for students of all kinds. Because almost every home and business has access to the internet, online college education has become a possibility for a much wider variety of students. This provides an easy, convenient way for students to further their education from their own homes. The popularity of online universities is evident in their enrollment. Some universities have over 100,000 students.

Online college education is especially useful for nontraditional students. Many students returning to college at an older age must juggle a full time job and family as well as their education. An online education allows these students to learn and earn their degree on their own time, as opposed to being required to be in classes at a certain time each day. As a college education becomes more important for career advancement, many people have realized that they need more than a high school diploma. For these older students, it is not practical for them to return to a college campus to ear their degree. These students will benefit from an online education.

However, earning a degree online is not only for nontraditional students. With the rising cost of tuition, many traditional students find that they need to work a full time job in order to afford a college degree. For these students, an online degree provides the schedule flexibility they will need for earning any degree they choose. Many students also enjoy the freedom an online education provides in their choice of location. They are free to live in the same area, without having to move to the location of their college or university.

An online college education is also particularly useful for graduate students in earning master’s or doctorate degrees. For students who have already incurred student loan debt and need to work full time jobs, an online education provides the flexibility they need to be able to earn a degree as they work full time. Online education also provides post-graduate students with an opportunity to remain in the same location while receiving their degree. Many times it is a struggle to find a university that offers the advanced degree a student seeks within the student’s area. Earning a degree online eliminates this problem.

One valuable tool to use in searching for an appropriate online university is []. By using [], students are able to find a wide variety of online colleges, universities, and training programs. More employments fields than ever require advanced degrees or training, and online education is an easy, convenient way of achieving the education necessary. Using [] is a good way to find the particular degree or training you will need from the appropriate online education program. For students who are seeking to earn an bachelor, master’s, or doctorate degree or who are looking for further specialized training, online education is an important option to consider.

Auto Dealer Financing – Understanding How it Works Can Save You Thousands

A few years ago, I was in the market for a new car. After much debate, my partner and I decided that it would be best to buy rather than lease. This is not always the right choice for everyone, but it certainly was the right choice for us. Luckily, our friend owns a car dealership a few states away and educated us about some common practices in the car business, and how we can avoid potentially huge mistakes when financing a car. Here’s some tips to help you prepare for the negotiations:

1. Get a copy of your credit score before you ever set foot into a dealership. You can get a free copy of your credit report by visiting the websites for one (or all) of the three main credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and Trans-Union. I did this, and boy was I glad. My credit history was pretty spotless and my credit score was really high. When I visited one particular dealership, the salesman went into the back office and pulled my credit report. He came back and said grimly, “Well, I have some bad news… you’ve got bad credit. I’m afraid the loan rate that you’ll qualify for is going to be much higher than I expected…there’s really nothing I can do.” I told the salesman he was a flat out liar and asked to see his manager. I was promptly assigned a new salesman. Had I not looked at my credit report ahead of time, I could have fallen victim to his lame attempt to puff up my rate. That would have cost me thousands of dollars over the life of my loan, and he would have gotten a nice big commission for his deceitful practices.

2. Join a credit union that works with your local car dealers. Credit unions often give loans (including home mortgages, lines or credit, personal loans and auto loans) at drastically lower rates than commercial banks. They also usually have lower fees overall and much better customer service because they are locally based. Check with your employer, union, school, or religious organization. I even know of a credit union that allows you to join if you are a member at a particular museum.

3. Check your bank or credit union website for their auto rates. This will give you an idea of what the the car dealer will offer as a high end rate. Because car dealers work in volume, they typically buy the loan rates from banks at a drastically reduced rate. Then, when they sell it to the consumer, they add extra percentages and pocket the difference. Typically the end rate is still lower than if you were to just walk in and ask a loan officer for a loan, but it’s possible to get amazingly low rates if you know exactly how to ask for it.

4. Ask the finance manager for the most current rate sheet. In my personal situation, at the time I was buying my new car, bank and credit union websites in my area showed rates for new cars at around 6%. After negotiating with the salesman I then met with the dealer’s financing manager. He told me that because I had good credit, I could qualify for a loan at 5.5%. Sounds like a great deal, right? Wrong! I asked the finance manager directly, “can I see a copy of today’s rate sheet? I want to know what you are buying the rate at today.” At that moment you could have heard a pin drop in the room. The finance manager was in shock. He was reluctant, but eventually gave me a copy of the rate sheet. The rate sheet showed that the dealer was buying the rate from my credit union at 2.5%. That’s right. If I would have taken his offer, the car dealer would have made 3% on the loan for a $35,000 vehicle. Instead, I told him, “I understand that everybody needs to make money, so I will give you 1% over what you are purchasing the rate for.” Because I had good credit, and he knew he couldn’t get away with it, I got a loan from my credit union for my new car at just 3.5%. Using a loan amortization calculator I found online, I figured that I paid about $3,200 in interest for that loan. Had I just gone with the finance manager’s original offer, I would have paid over $5,100 in interest for the same loan. By just asking one question, I saved myself around $1,900.

Utah Internet Advertising – The Rights of the Self Important Consumer

Like advertisers, marketers and business professionals from many states across the U.S. (and beyond), the amount of resources invested by online Utah advertisers in Internet advertising services are growing every year. After all, Utah has a large entrepreneurial base and a cache of business experts who have made offline business in Utah a rather fierce affair. As truculent as the war has been however it seems that the most cutthroat battle is still ahead: the battle of Utah Internet Advertising.Leveraging Advertising Power for More Effective Utah Internet AdvertisingIf your business has been rated well by major search engines or if you have invested in a successful PPC or affiliate marketing campaign you’ve probably glimpsed the awesome power the World Wide Web can have on the success of your humble business. When it comes to advertising and a meagerly small budget however it is hard to know how can you invest in the palmy Utah Internet advertising campaign that every Utah business professional could benefit from.Utah Internet Advertising that WorksThe answer to the Utah Internet advertising question may not be the answer that business professionals want to hear and by no means is it the only one. There are a variety of ways to tackle advertising challenges but the obvious way to be successful in advertisement is to create associations between your products/services and the needs of your customers. Finding the best way to make these cagey connections isn’t easy (especially if you want to remain ethically impregnable) but a simple way to begin is to decide which advertising methodology you want to utilize by observing the current trends of popular and propitious advertisements. The observation of these trends doesn’t have to be expensive. Watching T.V. Commercials for instance can be an easy and inexpensive way of creating your own analysis for your next Utah Internet advertising campaign.This remainder of this article will focus on one of the current (i.e. From about the 60′s or 70s until the present) advertising trends that is working (and working well) in the United States today. You of course do not have to implement this technique in your own Utah Internet advertising campaign (some Utah professionals might even consider it unethical) but this analysis may help you to observe additional advertising trends that would prove more beneficial to your own Utah Internet advertising campaign.The Current Advertising Trend of Rights to Indulgence, Self-Importance and Superiority: Would it work for a Utah Internet Advertising Campaign?Consumers know that advertisers (some advertisers that is) are quick to use the basics of self preservation such as material goods (i.e. greed) and physical intimacy (i.e. sex) greed and sex to attract the average consumer. After all, every person is “susceptible” to these self-preserving needs. However, an online article1 by Richard F. Taflinger, PhD also points out that the concepts of self-esteem or a sense of “self” can contribute to successful material accomplishments and sexual intimacy which makes advertising to the “self” a popular way to kill two birds with one advertising stone! Of course, you might think this type of advertisement might not be used in Utah but if those are your thoughts, think again! Arctic Circle, a Utah based company has already used the technique for television (see below) based advertising and it is very likely that Utah Internet advertising examples are also (or will soon be) made available.Examples of Self Importance and Self Indulgence AdvertisementsA very popular method of advertising today is to create a sense that every human being whether a man or a woman has a right to indulge a sense of self or a sense of self importance and superiority as long as he or she has the means to purchase certain objects (of course the purchase requirement is NOT usually explicit). Examples of this zeitgeist of indulgence and superiority include examples such as the L’Oreal campaign slogan, “Because you’re worth it,”2 which of course infers that every woman (regardless of how much she has to spend) has the innate right to purchase mascara, foundation, eye liner and sparkled lotions. Additional examples of the right to indulgence campaigns include the following examples:

Dove Chocolate– “My Moment, My Dove”3

Hummer– “Restore Your Manhood”4

McDonald’s– “Your Deserve a Break Today”5

Johnny Walker Black Whiskey– “Honor Thyself”6

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate– “Award Yourself the CDM”7

Acura– “The True Definition of Luxury. Yours.”8

Braniff Airways– “When you’ve got it, flaunt it.”9

The right to indulgence or superiority doesn’t end with individuals however. Groups can be persuaded to superiority as well. Take for example the United States Army slogan that says, “Some of Our Best Men are Women.”10Utah self importance advertising includes the Arctic Circle commercial where the young boy drags a trash bag from his home out to the garbage barrel. Once the trash is deposited he is awarded with an Arctic Circle milkshake. Essentially the slogan is “Reward yourself even for small accomplishments.”What does this mean for Utah Internet Advertising?For your Utah Internet advertising campaign, you might not choose to invest in the trendy right to self indulgence campaigns. However, it is important to notice what people need and what people respond to in advertisements.Whatever you choose to focus your Utah Internet advertising campaign on, make sure to do your advertising research first!References1

Playing Online Poker For a Living – 4 Simple Tips That Can Help You Play Cards For a Living

Card game addicts can soon start dealing out cards no matter where they are, before you could even say “Indiana Jones”. These people love this game, and no matter what, they will always find a plain simple excuse to play it. Some play online for a livingIf you are quite in their league too, it is no wonder if your fingers itch all the time to try out your luck and fortune at the card games. Well, the solution to itching fingers is only a few clicks away. You can find many web sites where you can play poker online and also win money if you are a host to good fortune and tricky skills.Card players find it easy to play card games online, since here, the ambience is quite relaxed and quiet. You never know with whom you are playing. It could be an old man or woman, or a child as well! But one thing is for sure- here no one will be able to peep and have a look as to whether you have a winning hand or not. Here, no one is there to rush you, no one to call the shots but you. But even though this seems as if the rules here are quite easy and relaxed, actually, they are not. You have to abide by certain laws which if you neglect, will result in your disqualification.o Before you start to play, you must try to decide if you are willing to play poker for your entire income. To do this, you will have to look back at the games that you played in the past, and how you handled your bankroll after a big win. Did you jump into the stakes or invest your winnings?o Then again, if you had never the chance to see so much money while playing poker, but lost about ten tournaments in a row, you have to remember what your action was. Did you move down or up in stakes? These reactions of yours are necessary to judge whether you will be able to make a living on poker.o The main trick is not how much money you win, but how you win it. When you do not have a winning hand, you have to see that you lose very little of cash. But when you have the best hand, you have to try to call the right shots at the right time to milk in a lot of money out of your opponent’s pockets. To maneuver the game carefully you have to assess the situation accurately and rely on your gut instincts.o Another key skill that you need to hone is patience. You might be able to rely on your instincts, and make quite sharp decisions at the crucial moments in the game; you might be able to calculate thoroughly the result of every move of every player around the table; you might be able to tighten your purse strings when you have no winning hand, and get the best odds to win the most when you turn out to be the lucky one, but there is still a chance that someone might come about and upset your plan and shatter it to rubbles. During these times, it is necessary that you do not lose your head, but start to build another plan, so as to win back what you have lost.These rules will help you to get to the very peak where you can earn a lot of money, and there will be no stopping you as well. Remember, rules are important in a game, so that you do not get disqualified, and you can always use them to your advantage.